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blog -起承転結-


ギター・マンドリン部 第6回 定期演奏会開催 / Guitar and Mandolin Club 6th Regular Concert

The Guitar and Mandolin Club held its annual regular concert, which was attended by over 150 people. The members of the club have been improving their abilities year by year, and it was a time when I realized that their high level of excellent performance attracts the audience. The advisor also gave a good evaluation, saying, “The performance was very good this time.” The principal also commented with a smile, “I was very impressed by the importance of the musical ideas.




特に全国コンクールでの演奏予定曲、また年度末にご指導いただきました久保田孝先生の作曲された曲『幻想曲第一番 イ短調 作品22』は、演奏時間の長い大曲でしたが、本番が近づいていることが明確に分かるほどの仕上がりでした。部員の皆さん、心のこもった頼もしい演奏を披露してくれました。ありがとう。