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blog -起承転結-


地域貢献 家紋(KAMON)バー(BAR)誕生話 / Birth story of the KAMON BAR

A teacher from the commerce department told us that Himeji’s famous sweets are the result of ideas developed by the students of the school through their classes. The name of the product is “KAMON BAR,” a sesame candy with a rich sesame flavor that fills the mouth. The students of our school, who have contributed to the local community in various fields, came to mind.



商品名は『姫路城歴代家紋バー KAMON BAR』豊かな胡麻の風味が口いっぱいに広がる胡麻菓子です。これまで、様々な分野で地域貢献してきた本校生徒たちの姿が浮かんできました。